Soundtrack for the impending apocalypse

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

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Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, economic collapse, political uprisings the list goes on.

As earth-shaking catastrophe and widespread hysteria arise over what some consider as signs-of-the-times. We are brought face to face with the awareness of our own mortality and of our own fear of the unknown. But more importantly fear of what we perceive as the end of all things.

Some call this the eschaton, a term concerned with what are believed to be the final events in history: the ultimate destiny of humanity –the end of the world because we often see history as being divided into aeons, where certain realities are present which may come to an end and be replaced by a new age where different realities are present.

Belief in an absolute end to all things runs universally in all existing cultures.

For the Christian there is that yearning for the Rapture, for the Tribulation, the Second Coming of Christ and the great battle of Armageddon to which some say would come by the time you are reading this.

For others there is that growing anxiety and anticipation that comes with the 2012 phenomenon which will pave the way for cataclysmic or transformative events  that will occur on December 21, 2012:  the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.

In Norse mythology there is the “final destiny of the gods”: Ragnarök, a series of future events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of the gods and the subsequent submersion of the world underwater.

Curiously what we often forget is that in all these presentations of ending the world with a big bang, we often fail to notice that it is not actually the end.

When the smoke settles, when the Enemy is finally vanquished, when swords have been turned into plowshares –the lion will sleep with the lamb. Evil is finally overcome. Tears will finally be shed so that it will be wiped by God himself for the last time.

In the Gylfaginning, Ragnarök ends with two survivors who will consume the morning dew for sustenance and from their descendants the world will be repopulated. A new dawn arises. A clean slate, a new beginning rises from the ashes of the former; hope is finally realized and faith is now rendered obsolete because we finally come face-to-face with the transcendent.

We are now living in the tension where we anxiously wait for the smoke to finally settle so that we can see what lies ahead once the End has come to pass. We are waiting for the fulfilment of prophecy for the apprehension of our dreams of a better world. We wait and as we wait, we will need songs that will help us put our fretfulness into perspective.

Never Forget The Cause would like to believe that the music in this record will be a soundtrack for our anticipation for the end that is to come. May the songs here be our soundtrack for the impending apocalypse.


Chuck Baclagon, 21 May 2011

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